Who Is Going to Buy the Miracle on the Hudson Plane?


The waterlogged, goose-ravaged Airbus that hero pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger landed in the Hudson River about a year ago is up for auction by the insurance company that now owns it. The lot doesn’t include the plane’s engine, and any buyer will have to go pick it up at a New Jersey salvage yard, but there’s no minimum bid, which means that you now have a chance to own a piece of history. Of course, you probably won’t. Here are some people we think might outbid you:

• The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, as suggested by a passenger.
• Since the Post suspects the plane will be sold for scrap metal, some heartless scrap-metal baron who doesn’t appreciate the plane’s sentimental value.
• Captain Sully himself, so he and his wife can have some hot “hero sex” in the captain’s chair.
GoldenPalace.com, to add to its collection of random oddities like the Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich and William Shatner’s kidney stone.
Charles Widmore.

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