A New TV Show Produced By The City Aims to Get You a Job


Since there’s nothing good on TV at 9 tonight, do yourself a favor and tune in to NYC Life, the city’s own TV station, for a new series called Job Hunt. It’s a cross between a reality show and an infomercial and doesn’t so much aim to entertain as get people working again. It will impart valuable lessons on important issues like building a resume and proper interview etiquette.

Perhaps you’re not sure about this Internet thing and it’s affecting your job hunt. The episode “Why Would They Hire Me if They Can’t Find Me on Google? Using New Technology to Get a Job” might be of particular interest. Or maybe you’re young and depressed about your prospects in an abysmal job market. Better watch “I’m Gen Y and I Want to Cry: My Expensive College Degree Isn’t Getting Me My Dream Job.” Most likely though, since Job Hunt airs at the same time as Lost, you won’t be watching. In that case tune in next week for “Put Down the Remote: Why John Locke Is the Cause of All Your Problems.”

Looking for a Job? Watch This TV Show [City Room/NYT]