Adam Lambert Would Like to See Chace Crawford in the Next Calvin Klein Underwear Campaign


Daily Intel caught up with Adam Lambert at G-Star last night. (Okay, we cornered him as he was trying to evade us and get to his seat.) The Idol alum told us he’s been keeping a low profile while in the city, resting in his hotel room between performances rather than hitting the bars. “I would never!” Lambert said. “I don’t even drink!” He rolled his eyes. “I’m so joking.” The rumor we’d heard, that he and Christian Siriano had met up at a trashy bar, was only partially true. “We met up, but it wasn’t a trashy one; it was a nice one called Juliette,” Lambert said. “I met up with him and his boyfriend to have cocktails one night, because his boyfriend remixed some songs of mine.”

And Lambert explained how he ended up hanging out over the weekend with Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, as reported. (It’s a regular Velvet Mafia.) “I was with a friend, and he’s friends with Dustin Lance Black, and we met up, and he’s a really nice guy,” he said. “I had never met him before.” Lambert smiled and his heavily lined eyes widened when we mentioned Kellan Lutz’s new Calvin Klein underwear campaign. “I’m sure Kellan looks great. He’s a good-looking guy,” he said. Anyone else he’d like to see in that, er, role? “I want to see Chace Crawford in an underwear ad.” We had the same thought.