Controversial Anti-Abortion Ad. . . Isn’t All That Controversial


After much anticipation about Christian group Focus on the Family’s Super Bowl ad featuring former Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow and his mother, the ad was notable more for its strange boy-tackles-mother ending than its anti-abortion message.

Though the ad - which aired during the game’s first commercial break - began with Tebow’s mother Pam telling the story of almost losing her son during her pregnancy, the word “abortion” was never used and only the tagline (“Celebrate family. Celebrate Life”) hinted at the organization’s actual agenda. Right after claiming that her “family has to be tough” after all they’ve been through, Pam was inexplicably taken down by her son. After he apologized and they embraced with bright smiles, the ad directed viewers to the group’s web site to “learn more about their story.” Geeze, with this and there are just too many fun web sites to remember to check out tonight!