AIG Financial Products Head Preferred Female Executives With ‘Curb Appeal’


Former AIG Financial Products head Joe Cassano, who is facing criminal and civil probes for his unit’s role in driving the insurer to issue the billions of dollars in credit default swaps that were its undoing, has been fingered by many as the ultimate villain of the financial crisis. He is also a misogynist, according to former employees Susan Potter, 56, and Deonna Taylor, 62, who have filed suit against him, alleging that in addition to his role in helping bring the world economy to the brink of destruction, he “generally promoted a ‘boys club’ atmosphere and frequently made discriminatory statements about the staff,” such as that he preferred young workers with ‘curb appeal’ to those who look like his aunt.”

In response, Cassano’s lawyer, awesomely, appears aghast that anyone would smear the good reputation of his client. He told Bloomberg:

Joe Cassano hired, promoted, and supported employees based on a single criteria: merit.”


AIG ‘Boys Club’ Under Cassano Punished Women, Ex-Workers Claim [Bloomberg]