Ann Coulter Has a New Stand-up Routine


Ann Coulter’s stand-up routine at CPAC this morning was full of zingers directed at just about every prominent member of the Democratic Party. No one was safe from her barbs. Not President Obama (he’s fiscally irresponsible!), not Joe Biden (he doesn’t wear pants!), not Ted Kennedy (he’s a drunk!), not Jimmy Carter (he’s out of touch!), not Nancy Pelosi (she’s had Botox!), not Harry Reid (he’s anonymous!), not Keith Olbermann (he’s a girl!), not Anderson Cooper (he’s gay!), and especially not John Edwards (he has a sex tape! he cares too much about his hair!). Ann Coulter, the sensationalist political commentator, is now officially Ann Coulter, the hacky stand-up comedian. Her HBO special should follow shortly.