Anthony Weiner: ‘The Republican Party Is a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of an Insurance Industry’


This afternoon, New York Representative Anthony Weiner went ballistic on the House floor at his Republican colleagues over their reject-it-all attitude toward health care. Striding angrily to the mike, Weiner shouted: “You guys have chutzpah. The Republican party is a wholly owned subsidiary of an insurance industry. That’s the fact.” Not ten seconds into his rant, he was interrupted by (what sounds like) Rep. Dan Lungren, who objected and asked the Speaker to “take down” Weiner’s words. Weiner strode away angrily, then, after agreeing to retract his offending words, took the mike again. “How much time do I have remaining?” he began, enunciating clearly. “Make no mistake about it: Every. Single. Republican. I. Have. Ever. Met. In my entire life is a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry.”