Are You Drinking Cheaper Liquor in the Recession?


When Intel Chris studied journalism in college, he took a class from Court TV and American Lawyer founder Steven Brill. Brill, whose new project, Journalism Online, is working with news outlets to develop innovative and custom pay walls (check out today’s Times article on their partners), was full of good advice. But the very first lesson he taught us? “There is no functional difference between cheap and expensive vodka.” At least, that’s what we remember the first lesson to be. Intel Chris got a B+ in the class.

We’ve taken that lesson to heart, and never spent money on expensive vodka in our entire lives. And now, it appears, we’re in good (or at least popular) company. Grub Street reports today that an industry study released this week shows that “people drank more” in 2009 “but turned to cheaper brands. They also drank more at home and less in pricier bars and restaurants.” Is this true? Were you folks drinking at home, just like us? Did you make a little friend named Georgi? Spend some time visiting with Old Grand-Dad? Or, shudder, give some lip service to a spicy but vengeful lady named Dubra?

People Are Drinking More, Spending Less [Grub Street]