Biden vs. Cheney Would Have Been Better If They Were in the Same Room


The much-hyped morning talk show battle between former VP Dick Cheney and current VP Joe Biden didn’t really amount to much today as each said the same stuff they’ve been saying for weeks. Anyone who has listened to Cheney’s growl over the past few months could have predicted what he would say. Things like, Obama’s approach to terrorism is dangerous, Biden is “dead wrong” when he says there won’t be another 9/11-style terrorist attack and waterboarding should still be an option. There was one surprise though. Cheney supports repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

Biden, unfortunately, was just as predictable, criticizing Cheney for not giving the Obama administration the credit it deserves for fighting Al Qaeda, explaining his statement about the likelihood of another large-scale attack, and defending the administration’s handling of the KSM trial and the underwear bomber.

It was kind of bizarre to watch the debate play out across networks and it just made you want these two veeps to sit down across from one another and pummel each other like real men.

VP vs. VP: Dick Cheney calls Joe Biden ‘dead wrong’