If You Have Any Doubts About Rapper Birdman Getting Into the Oil Business, Take a Look at His Head


Cash Money Records founders Bryan “Birdman” Williams and his brother Ronald “Slim” Williams have, according to their website, made a “lot of bling” producing Lil’ Wayne and Juvenile, among others, and now they are getting ready to drop a new venture, an oil-energy company called Bronald (a combination of their two names), which will be dedicated to the “exploration, production and development of oil and gas reserves from conventional and unconventional formations.” And because they generally “like to do things people don’t expect,” as Slim says in their official bio on the Bronald website, they are prepared for the haters, like the analyst from Houston investment bank Tudor Pickering Holt & Company who wrote a snotty note saying that the entre of two rappers into the business signifies the end of the bull market.

And by prepared we mean that Birdman has already made the ultimate commitment to the company, by getting a picture of an oil rig and the word “Bronald” tattooed on his head. Do you have Tudor Pickering Holt & Co tattooed on your head, dickshine? No? Birdman rests his case.

Bronald Oil
Rap Moguls Go From Lil’ Wayne to Oil, Keep It Real With Tattoo [Bloomberg]