Fire Department Shutting Down Hipster Trailer Park


One day, not that long ago at all, a Bushwick artist could dream of living in a trailer park right here in the city, in a Wi-Fi- and A/C-equipped trailer surrounded by fellow artists, with a communal roof garden and a coop of squawking chickens to share. Now, that dream may be gone. Around half an hour ago the fire department arrived at the Brooklyn Nut Factory, the site of said trailer park, and posted signs demanding that residents vacate immediately, a tipster hipster tells Daily Intel. Members of the FDNY had visited the premises last week, our source said, when there was a gas leak from one of the trailers, wherein they discovered the settlement for the first time. “They were like, ‘Why is there a trailer park, with chickens?’” our source said. Daily Intel is waiting to hear back from FDNY, but in the meantime, there are two things we can take away from this situation: One is that interestingly, not all firepeople read the Post. Two is that apparently you can talk about your totally illegal activity in a major metropolitan newspaper and not get immediatelyshut down.

Update: A spokesman for the Fire Department confirms that they, in conjunction with the Buildings Department, issued a “partial vacate order,” effective immediately, for the first floor of the building, where the trailer utopia is located. “What’s going on there is not legal,” he added.

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