Commuters Grateful to Snowstorm for Keeping Them Away From Stifling Suburban Lives


Snow days! It’s not just kids who love them. Their bored, beaten-down, school-tuition-paying parents love them too, especially when the snow becomes so bad while they’re at work that they can’t actually make it back to the burbs to see the little wound-up creatures and exhausted, resentful spouses and have to stay in the city in a nice comfortable hotel.

It’s called snow whiskey — you know you can’t get out, so you use it as an excuse to stay awhile,” said Kevin Joyce, a trader at Kellogg Partners Institutional Services LLC in New York. I’m waiting to see what happens.”

See what happens. What can you do? Wouldn’t want to get in a car accident! Anyway, yeah. We expect to see an uptick in Casual Encounters postings after the market closing today.

Traders Plan for ‘Snow Whiskey’ as Blizzard Threatens Commutes [Bloomberg]