Condé Nast Sets Up Hotline for Snitching


Like it isn't enough that Condé Nasties' weight, clothes, and e-mail are monitored by their fellow employees. Now, the increasingly KGB-like company is asking employees to keep tabs on each other in a new way. According to Keith Kelly, chief financial officer John Bellando sent out a memo today announcing the company's establishment of a new fraud hotline, so that they can rat each other out about everyday things like exaggerated expense accounts, not declaring vacation days, leaking shirtless pictures of political candidates' baby daddies to online news sources, and even — horror — acceptance of freebies. From the Post:

The Fraud Reporting Hotline will try to stop "release of proprietary information, accounting/audit irregularities, falsification of company records, theft of goods/services/cash," and even "unauthorized discounts/payoffs."

Jeez. Aren't they worried that by protecting the culture, they're ruining it? Working there is getting so unattractive, soon only unattractive people will want to work there.

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