Connor Paolo Wants Eric Van Der Woodsen to Go Postal


The seating gods smiled upon us at the Custo Barcelona show Sunday night, putting us next to none other than Connor Paolo, more commonly known in these parts as Eric van der Woodsen. Starved for news about Gossip Girl (which comes back in just three weeks!), we asked him about his character’s upcoming reunion with his father. “It’s not a happy reunion. He tried to commit suicide and his father didn’t show up, so there are a lot of old wounds. A lot of the reasons Eric tried to kill himself in the first place had to do with the fact that he had no father figure in his life. It’s a big deal for your dad to miss that.”

We wondered if his character’s sexuality would also factor into this relationship, and Connor assured us that it will. In fact, Papa VDW is pretty cool with things. “I think that ends up bothering Eric even more, because there’s nothing worse than someone that you’re mad at being really cool towards you.” So what else can we expect out of Eric this season? Connor wouldn’t say, but he did tell us where he’d like to see things go. “I’d really like to see him become an asshole. He takes a lot of everybody else’s runoff, their emotional baggage. And I think eventually those type of people always go a little postal, so I’m just waiting for that.”