Constantine on Tinsley: ‘We Have a Great Time Together’


There were more than a few curious glances and at least one WTF uttered at Mr. Chow last night when in walked a disheveled Constantine Maroulis, fresh off the stage of Broadway’s Rock of Ages, with his new seeming gal pal Tinsley Mortimer! The odd couple sipped drinks and posed for pictures together, but the former American Idol contestant was coy when we asked him about his apparent budding romance with the socialite. “We’ve been very, very good friends,” he told us at the party for the new Demi Moore–Parker Posey film, Happy Tears. We weren’t convinced. What about more than friends? “You’ll have to ask her that,” Maroulis said awkwardly. “We have a good time together and we have a lot in common.” Hmmm. Think about that one for a second. It’s time to play a Daily Intel guessing game: What do Tinsley Mortimer and Constantine Maroulis have in common? (Things that one caught from the other don’t count. We kid.)