Coyote Poses for Photographer in Central Park


Just another loner, tired of life in the hinterlands, taking a chance on making it in the big city. Sure, she may get stuck modeling for sketchy photographers who happen to stop her on the street at first. She may run with punk rockers and junkies for a while, dating one loser after another who promises her it all. But one day — one day she’s going to make it. She’s going to start performing in clubs and get that recording contract. The world will know her by first name only, just you wait. She’ll start a revolution. Then, just for kicks, she’ll take her limo down to her old haunts on Avenue B, picking up Latin boys and bringing them home to dirty up her fabulous new life. She’ll date artists, kiss a black Jesus, and marry a bad-boy movie star. And for at least one gorgeous, sexually outrageous decade, before she becomes a sad caricature of herself and what she once stood for, she’ll be a star.

Coyote on Ice [City Room/NYT]