CPAC 2009 Star Jonathan Krohn Is Back, and He’s Sitting in a Huge Chair


The 13-year-old (almost 14) wunderkind who stole the show at last year’s Conservative Political Action Conference has returned to the annual event this year, and he seems to be the same precocious, disconcertingly well-spoken Krohn we remember. Politico sat him down in what we assume is the largest chair they could find and asked about him about his life and political opinions. Here are some things that set him apart from most other almost-15-year-olds:

1. He’s currently working on a couple of new “wonkish, policy-oriented books” 

2. … as well as projects that he “can’t talk about.” (We had projects we couldn’t talk about when we were 14, too, but they involved Victoria’s Secret catalogues.)

3. He admires Secretary of Education Arne Duncan because he took on the teachers’ union in Chicago.

4. He knows who Indiana governor Mitch Daniels is, and wants him to run for president in 2012.

5. He says Sanda Bullock’s role in The Blind Side is “the best performance I’ve ever seen [her] do.” (Side note: The Blind Side is his Oscar pick. Not sure how seriously we can take his political opinions after that.)

Video: Krohn Returns to CPAC [Politico Click]