CPAC Attendees to Pummel Pelosi Piñata


Down in D.C. on Friday, Conservative Political Action Conference attendees will have the opportunity to vent their rage at liberal House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the form of a Pelosi Piñata that is going to be rigged up at a party in Georgetown. There will also be a Harry Reid punching bag. Three “famous” D.C. residents will have the first go, with women hitting the piñata and men punching the bag (clearly some lessons of taste have been learned over time — there wasn’t even one public mention of burning Obama in effigy). So who do we think the three famous Beltway insiders will be that will have the first go at pounding on these symbols of big-government inertia? Our guesses are: Newt Gingrich, this kid, and, hell, Rahm Emanuel.

Conservatives will take a ‘whack’ at Pelosi piñata [Hill via Frisky]