CPAC Speakers Use TelePrompTers, Joke About Obama’s Use of TelePrompTers


You know those “Obama needs a TelePrompTer” jokes that never get old? They continued to not get old again and again and again today at CPAC. The funny thing is, there are two TelePrompTers, right in front of the podium, in plain sight. Florida’s Republican Senate candidate, Marco Rubio, reportedly utilized them in the same speech in which he quipped that, because of the recent snowstorms, Obama “couldn’t find anywhere to set up a TelePrompTer to announce new taxes.” Awkwardly — since, again, the TelePrompTers are right there and people are using them — former congressman Dick Armey then came up and said, “I always thought if you knew what you were talking about and had something on your heart to say you didn’t need [TelePrompTers].” Also, one thing we never understood — why is reading from notes on paper, as some speakers did today, any less “pathetic” than reading off of a screen? [Ben Smith/Politico, HuffPo]