Crown Heights Man Wreaks Revenge on Chatty Cathy


Today's genius Post police blotter has a cautionary tale for those people who might think it's okay to be overly friendly — even when your advances are resisted — here in New York City:

Lawrence Hoffman, 29, was busted for tossing a man through the window of a Crown Heights cosmetics store for merely talking to him, cops said. The 51-year-old victim was chatting with Hoffman, a stranger, on Kingston Avenue at 2 p.m. Monday, cops said. Hoffman asked the victim to stop talking to him, but the gabber kept yapping away. Suddenly, Hoffman threw the victim into the store window, shattering it, police said. The victim suffered minor lacerations.

I think we've just found our new tourist campaign: "Just ask a local! But if he tells you to shut up, for the love of God stop talking."

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