Cuts at CBS Draws Scrutiny to Couric’s Salary


Over the past few days, according to the Times, CBS News has laid off “dozens of employees” amid a round of budget cuts. Some staffers were relocated, and more have even been demoted. (The Observer had a rundown of the extent of the damage earlier this week.) The cuts have raised questions in the media over whether Katie Couric, who earns a reported $15 million a year, will be forced to undergo a reduction of her own salary. (Her contract is up next year.) But CBS News has been quick to deny that she’s facing any drop in compensation. “Periodically we make adjustments to our work force. It’s a necessity based on what is happening across the media landscape,” CBS News president Sean McManus told the Times, adding emphatically that changes in Couric’s contract “have not been discussed at all, ever.” We’re sure this is music to the ears of the staffers who’ve lost their jobs because everyone else has been forced to scrimp.

CBS News Lays Off Dozens in New Round of Staff Cuts [NYT]