Animal Rights Activists Are After Johnny Weir


At the Olympics in Turin four years ago, Johnny Weir didn’t like living among the silly snowboarders and frivolous bobsledders in the Olympic Village. So this year he thought he’d stay in a hotel. Then the animal rights activists showed up. “All these crazy fur people definitely changed my mind. Security wise, staying in a hotel would be very difficult,” Weir told reporters in Vancouver. The beef between Weir and animal rights activists stems from the fox fur outfit he wore on the ice a few weeks back.

Because of these “very serious threats,” Weir is now staying in the Village, where security is strong. He’s not happy about it though. “I’m not always comfortable rooming with somebody or being in a communal village sort of situation, it’s what I’ve got to deal with,” he said. It’s not all bad though. At least he’s got a bathtub.

Crazy fur people” force Weir’s hand [Reuters]