Google Generates ‘Buzz’ with New Service


Google announced today the launch of “Buzz,” a new social networking service which is tied to Gmail. Through Buzz - which kind of seems like a whacked-out Twitter/Facebook/Google Wave hybrid - users can post links, photos, videos and status updates to be seen and responded to by other Gmail users (you can also link your Flickr or Twitter account to Buzz). When someone responds to one of your “Buzzes,” you’ll receive a notification right in your Gmail inbox.

The service will appear for a lucky one percent of Gmail users today; by the end of the week, all users will have it. Users will be immediately instructed to “follow” the Buzz feeds of the people they chat and e-mail with most. So now instead of just seeing your ex’s name with a green dot next to it all day, you can get constant buzzes sent right to your inbox about what he or she is doing at all times!

Google Gets More Social With Buzz [NYT]