Gym Thieves Provide Another Excuse to Not Work Out


There's a crime epidemic sweeping through the city's gyms and it has nothing to do with failing to wipe down equipment. The NYPD says at least 41 thieves have been terrorizing gym locker rooms all across the city, smashing locks and snatching cash and clothes while people work out. A police task-force is on the hunt for the thieves, who target Equinox and New York Sports Club more than other gyms. They also tend to target people who have stuff worth stealing:

"They go for high-end items like Rolexes, and they work all over town," a police source said.

So yeah, this is terrible for rich people who love working out. But if you're lazy and looking for another excuse for not going to the gym, this is pretty fantastic news.

Gym rats 'lift' and run [NYP]