Will Gays Help Harold Ford Jr. Make His Decision?


Start the countdown (at approximately 975,000)! Harold Ford Jr. has been biding his time for the past six weeks or so — traveling around the state, carefully accumulating gaffes and responding to embarrassing tax revelations with a calculated level of clumsiness — but the wait is almost over. Though he gave himself a 30-day deadline on February 7, his spokeswoman confirms that by the end of next week, February 28, Ford “will speak about his political intentions.” One of the last events on his “listening tour,” or perhaps the last event, period, will be a speech before the Stonewall Democrats next Wednesday. If Ford really is still on the fence about running, maybe he’s waiting to see if he can make believers out of a “hostile” group of gays. If he can perform that miracle, he might have a shot after all.

Harold Ford to decide this week [sic] whether he will run against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand [NYDN]
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