Harold Ford Jr. Is Accused of Misrepresenting His Wife, by His Wife


A couple of weeks ago, the Post's Cindy Adams asked Harold Ford Jr. how his wife felt about his potential Senate run. "She's excited," he told her. "She's my director of research, checks my daily schedule and the people I'm seeing." But in a Times profile of Emily Ford, née Emily Threlkeld, we learn that "director of research" is not really a phrase that one would necessarily use if one wanted to describe her accurately.

He told a columnist recently that she was his director of research, although Ms. Ford said that’s not quite true — she helps her husband with research in her spare time.

Well, maybe Ford was just using the term loosely, like when you give your grandpa a "World's Best Grandpa" T-shirt and he's actually just a pretty good grandpa. No big deal. At least she's still pumped about his campaign, right?

“I didn’t desire it, that’s for sure,” Ms. Ford said of the recent attention. “I’m going to have to define this as I go along. Everything is all coming so fast right now." ....

For the time being — and until Mr. Ford makes up his mind, which could come in the next few weeks — Ms. Ford can only hope she will be ready if he runs. “I will just have to be me,” she said. “And I will have to have a thick skin.” She paused, then offered knowingly, “That won’t happen overnight.”

She sounds absolutely ecstatic!

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