Don’t Believe Report: Harold Ford Knows Where He Lives


At a paid speaking appearance at Northwest Missouri State University yesterday, Harold Ford Jr. told an audience of students that he lives “about a block from the courthouse” where the 9/11 trials are/were slated to take place. Which is not true. Granted, Ford didn’t say he lived exactly one block away from the courthouse. He said “about,” and depending on how you interpret the word “about,” it could be an accurate statement. In this instance, “about a block” means more like 30 blocks. [Daily Kos via Ben Smith/Politico]

Update: A Ford aide tells us that Ford actually said he teaches near the courthouse. Ford recently began teaching at NYU’s Wagner School of Public Service.

Update 2: The source of the original story, an article on, now reads, “Mr. Ford, who said he lives a mile and a half from the courthouse, said the trial should take place in a military tribunal, away from New York City.” The story’s author informs us they’ll be running a correction.