Hiram Monserrate Is Murdered Civil-Rights Workers and Barack Obama Rolled Into One


With the help of some elderly Queens citizens who thought they were signing birthday cards for their grandchildren, Hiram Monserrate proudly filed a ballot petition with a full 5,500 names before the midnight deadline last night. If at least 3,000 signatures hold up to scrutiny, Monserrate will be placed on the ballot for the March 16 special election for his former Senate seat. Party officials are actually kind of concerned that Monserrate, who remains popular for some reason, will beat his Democratic challenger, Assemblyman Jose Peralta. And now they have another reason to worry, because Monserrate is running under the banner of his own made-up “Yes We Can” party. If you’re a voter on the fence, how can you not vote for the guy who appears — maybe, it kind of seems — to be an ally of President Obama, and possibly Bob the Builder?

Monserrate: Yes, I Can » [Daily Politics/NYDN]