It’s Monday, and David Paterson Is Still Governor


Monday morning has come and gone, and there has been no sign of the much-hyped “exposé” about Governor Paterson that the Times is concocting — so, contrary to predictions over the weekend, his career has not been ruined yet. We do know there’s a story, but we just don’t know what it will be about (in the meantime we’ve updated our previous post with all the new scuttlebutt). In any case, it seems to us the longer this buzz goes on, the more sensational the story will have to be in order to live up to expectations. If it’s not nearly Spitzer-scandal level — that is, if it’s just a story about the Aqueduct casino conflict, or Paterson’s general incompetence and sloppy, lean-on-others governing style — it’s not going to look like much of a scoop for the Times. And it might even look like a net win for Paterson, if all the paper of record could dig up was stuff we already know.

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