Thanks to Republican Votes, Jobs Bill Overcomes Key Obstacle


The Senate pushed a $15 billion jobs bill over a pivotal hurdle tonight thanks to five Senate Republicans — including newly elected Massachusetts senator Scott Brown — who voted across party lines in favor of the Democratic-backed bill, engineered by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Tonight’s test vote of 62–30 means it is likely that the Senate will ultimately approve the measure — which aims to create tens of thousands of new jobs — though it is unclear whether the House will follow suit and also back the bill.

Brown and the four other Republican senators who voted for the bill — Maine’s Olympia Snowe, Missouri’s Kit Bond, Maine’s Susan Collins, and Ohio’s George Voinovich — helped to break the Republican-led filibuster.

"It's not a perfect bill," Brown said after the vote. "I was comfortable with that vote ... It is the first step in creating jobs, not only for the people of Massachusetts but for the people of the country.”

Politicians weren’t the only ones buzzing about Brown; shortly after the vote, the senator was a top trending topic on Twitter.

With G.O.P. Help, Senate Advances Jobs Bill
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