Judge Orders Levi Johnston to Pay Child Support


Just when you think you’re finally over them, you glimpse the words “Levi,” “child support,” and “Palin” and you’re right back there. Today, a judge ordered Levi Johnston to pay fourteen months of back child support for his son Tripp, who was born in December 2008 to mother Bristol Palin. While Palin — who announced plans to give acting a try earlier this week — attended the hearing, Johnston did not show for the twenty-minute proceedings. Palin is asking for about $1,700 per month from Johnston, and a “retroactive sum” of $19,232. Frankly, now that Playgirl and his flurry of media appearances are behind him, we’re not sure where Bristol thinks Levi’s getting that kind of dough … at least until he, inevitably, signs on for Dancing With the Stars. [NYDN]