Katy Perry Found Out Russell Brand Was Going to Propose From a Google Alert


Jay-Z was allegedly “startled and a little exasperated” at the Grammys when Beyoncé referred to him as her husband onstage, as the two don’t like to publicly acknowledge their marriage, according to a source with knowledge of Hova’s innermost feelings. Katy Perry found out that Russell Brand was going to propose via her Google Alerts. Prince Harry threw his mallet and punched his helmet after his horse slipped during a charity polo match in Barbados, causing both horse and prince to tumble to the ground. He was later spotted showing off his calypso dance moves, which were fortunately caught on camera.J.Lo’s ex wants to put Diddy on the witness stand in court to ask about a sex tape he seems to think was filmed with Lopez. John Mayer was not swarmed by women as he dined with friends at La Esquina.

Gerard Butler, known for sleeping with his co-stars, joked on the set of his upcoming film with Craig Ferguson, How to Train Your Dragon, “I wouldn’t be surprised if I was linked to Craig. But maybe they’ll come up with a way to say I had an affair with the dragon. Or that I had sex with all of them.” Victoria Beckham poses with puppies and Whole Foods bags in efforts to convince the public that she’s “a normal mum” who eats and stuff. Kathy Griffin is recently thin, but she’s also “cranky and hungry.” Rip Torn was sent to rehab after drunkenly breaking into a bank with a loaded .22-caliber revolver. The National Italian American Foundation is in uproar that Jersey Shore has been renewed for a second season, protesting, “Italian-Americans, the Garden State and the Jersey Shore deserve better.” Organizers of Anna Wintour’s Fashion’s Night Out is in talks with Bravo and CBS to turn the shopping event into a TV show. And Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley says he only landed the role because he has natural vampire fangs.

Martha Stewart lunched with J.Crew CEO Mickey Drexler at one end of The Four Seasons while Sam Waksal dined alone on the other. Damien Hirst cracked jokes with Mick Jagger, James Franco, Bono, and Takashi Murakami at the opening of his Gagosian Gallery show. Charlize Theron just announced her split from Stuart Townsend after nine years of “commitment,” but she’s already moved on and was spotted snuggling up to another man at the Chateau Marmont. Billy Baldwin, in prep mode to play Serena van der Woodsen’s father, was shopping for shirts at Robert Graham’s midtown showroom. U2’s The Edge dined with Helena Christensen at Morandi. And while visiting her tumor-inflicted “Nana,” Jessica Simpson tweeted, “Bored at the hospital. I think I’m gonna go look for some hot doctors. McDreamy? McSteamy? Clooney? Let the search begin.”