It Seems Like Keith Olbermann Is Trying to Tell Us Something About Dan Abrams


Keith Olbermann went ballistic on Dan Abrams and his website last night for "parroting" tea party claims that MSNBC, Olbermann's current home and Abrams's former home, suffers from a lack of diversity. Dan Abrams was ousted from his 9 p.m. spot following Olbermann's Countdown in 2008 when Rachel Maddow, an Olbermann acolyte, was brought in. But Olbermann seems to be mad about more than just a slight on a website. There's something about Dan's very physical being that pisses him off. What could it be? Let's take a look at the script (emphasis ours):

Perhaps the reason that Mediaite took a Tea Party's word for it is that this is the same site of a fired* MSNBC employee. And in his attempt to implant his bitterness toward this place, to plug or weave it into his website, he has wigged out. He would like us to sweep his failure under the rug as if it were a bald-faced lie, or there will be hell to pay.

In case it wasn't clear, say the phrase "to pay" out loud. Abrams had no comment when reached for this story. Not even, "I know you are but what am I," which is probably what we would have said in this situation if it happened during third grade recess, which is the only other place we can actually imagine it transpiring.

*So far as we know, Abrams was not fired from MSNBC, and is still a legal analyst for NBC.