Kirsten Gillibrand to Jill Zarin: Fellow Senators ‘Treat Me Like Their Daughter’


Jill Zarin was an honorary speaker at last Saturday’s Human Rights Campaign’s annual gala, “Speak the Truth,” and the very real housewife introduced Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who of late has become a vocal advocate for pro-LGBT legislation. By the time we approached the reality leading lady (who is no stranger to confrontations among peers), we discovered she’d already done some reporting herself: “[Senator Gillibrand is] beautiful, young, and very personable. And I actually asked her what it’s like in Washington with all the old men, because she’s so beautiful,” Zarin told us. “She said, ‘Well, they treat me like their daughter.’” Really, now. We wondered whether Zarin bought that line, considering Gillibrand’s stature as a newbie with potentially rocky future prospects. “Yes, but I sadly kind of think it’s in more of a condescending way. You really have to earn respect [in Washington], you don’t get a free pass walking in, especially because she was appointed, so it’s harder for her to fight her way.” We have yet to hear back from Gillibrand’s press office on the accuracy of Zarin’s reporting and political analysis.