Leon Wieseltier Calls Andrew Sullivan an Anti-Semite, Again and Again, Again


The New Republic writer, in a 4,200-word screed against his former friend and TNR boss, calls Sullivan a “dishonest” Jew-baiter with a “cheap” tone who has been “deranged” by neocons, whose thinking is “repugnant” and who is either “a bigot” or “just moronically insensitive.” (Either way, his mind is apparently “bankrupt.”) Sullivan, who is busy composing a response, notes: “It’s been fourteen years since I left TNR and Leon Wieseltier is still obsessed with his long-standing and at this point tedious personal vendetta against me.” Judging by the level of vitriol in Weiseltier’s prose, there’s at least one person for whom this isn’t tedious. (Or two, if you count TNR editor Marty Peretz.) [TNR] (Gawker’s Alex Pareene has his own take on the squabble here.)