Lunatic Fringe Rallies Around Austin Suicide Pilot


This morning the Daily News rounds up some of the rare surprisingly positive Internet responses to yesterday's attack by suicidal small-plane pilot Joe Stack on an Austin building housing IRS offices:

"Finally an American man took a stand against our tyrannical government that no longer follows the Constitution," wrote Emily Walters of Louisville, Ky. Walters was one of at least two dozen people who founded Facebook fan groups to hail the homicidal pilot. Most had only a tiny handful of members, but hers attracted more than 200 before Facebook removed it. "His sacrifice was for all of us," wrote Texan Tyler Britten. Crackpots were also praising the dead pilot on Twitter. "Joe Stack, you are a true American Hero and we need more of you to make a stand," tweeted Greg Lenihan, an engineer in San Diego.

The News reminds us that even today, there are some anti-government radicals who still regard Timothy McVeigh, whose attack on the Oklahoma City federal building in 1995 left 168 people (many of them children) dead, as a hero.

Kamakazi pilot Joe Stack, who crashed plane into Austin building, hailed by anti-government groups [NYDN]