Madoff Penthouse Goes Into Contract


The penthouse formerly belonging to Bernard and Ruth Madoff is finally in contract, reports the Journal. Originally listed for $9.9 million, and later reduced to $8.9 million, it’s being sold at an undisclosed price to an anonymous buyer. If you can’t remember what the Umber Alcazar looked like, you may want to take a tour through our slideshow (from back when the Madoffs’ oddly plain furniture was still in place). Located on two floors of 133 East 64th Street, the property has three bedrooms and a wraparound terrace.

It’s the second Madoff property to be sold by the government in order to reimburse victims of his Ponzi scheme, after his Montauk beach house, which was sold for $9.41 million in September. That house was sold for above asking price (and it wasn’t for the décor), but the Madoffs’$2 8,800-square-foot Palm Beach mansion is still on the market, and like the Manhattan property, its price has been chopped over a million dollars to $7.25 million. Some Wall Street big swinging dick needs to come in and seal the deal on that last one. After all this time, Madoff’s victims — and let’s face it, the property itself — really deserve it.

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