Martha Stewart Is Very Polite


You've gotta love this item from "Page Six" this morning:

The hot soup nearly froze over at Midtown hot spot Monkey Bar when Martha Stewart came face-to-face with her former Merrill Lynch stockbroker, Peter Bacanovic. Diners ... held their collective breath the other night when Stewart and Bacanovic — who were both sentenced to five months in prison in connection with the ImClone scandal — showed up at Graydon Carter's eatery at the same time. (Stewart did the time for lying about a stock sale.) "Everyone turned to see how they would interact," one diner told us. "Thankfully, both acted elegantly. They were polite, did not make eye contact and did not speak."

Apparently, "being polite" is the latest euphemism for "acting like somebody left your village and then tried to return, forcing you to pretend that he or she is dead even if they are standing right nearby." The new elegance!

Martha Stewart's awkward run-in with Peter Bacanovic [Page Six/NYP]