Many New Yorkers Hear Their Neighbors Having Sex


Apparently the close quarters New Yorkers live in, combined with the fact that most people who live here act as though their every waking moment is being captured on camera, means that at any given moment, if one tunes in properly, one can hear a symphony of different people’s theatrical sex noises, like that montage in Amelie. About two-thirds of city residents say they regularly hear their neighbors having sex, according to a survey from real-estate website Brick Underground.

Daily Intel’s Jessica Coen, who lives in the East Village, also has a lady screamer that she hears through the air shaft. And were Daily Intel Chris here and not away skiing, he would probably regale you with stories of the various guttural moans, grunts, and appliance sounds he overhears through the thin walls in the post-collegiate dormitory that is Stuyvestent Town, and tell you about how just last week he was doing it and his neighbor actually banged on the wall and how it was so awkward. At least, we hope he would tell you that, since we just did. But Daily Intel Jessica is in the one-third of people who never hears people having sex, most likely because she lives in Park Slope, where everyone is married.

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