Nevada Governor Would Be Better Off Just Admitting to Adultery


Nevada governor Jim Gibbons is being sued by a waitress who claims he groped her one night in a parking garage in 2006, and her lawyer wants to know if Gibbons has been unfaithful, as Gibbons’s now ex-wife has accused. (His alleged mistresses include one women he sent 860 texts to in one month and a Playboy model). In a deposition for the civil suit earlier this month — which was acquired and posted online by — Gibbons tries to refute charges of infidelity by admitting that he hadn’t had sex with any woman, including his wife, since 1995. “I’m living proof that you can survive without sex for that long,” he said. Cringe! That would be more embarrassing if we actually believed him, though. Another great line from the deposition: “I don’t have any claim to being a bright individual.”

I-Team: Governor Jim Gibbons Under Oath [Las Vegas Now via Political Wire]