New Subway Hero Proves Your Neighbors Really Are Looking Out for You


Lance McGraw had never met 18-year-old Rosie Rittenberry, though they both lived in and commuted from Sunset Park every day. But when Rosie passed out from low blood sugar and fell into the path of an oncoming N train, hitting her head on the mucky track pit, McGraw didn’t hesitate. “Everyone gasped and stopped and gawked when she fell,” McGraw told the Post. “I waited for someone who was bigger or who worked at the station to do something, but I saw no one was going to move.” McGraw had barely enough time to toss off his headphones and backpack before he leaped onto the tracks and lifted Rittenberry to fellow commuters. “I wasn’t thinking at all,” he said. “I thought she hit her head. I didn’t want to move her but there wasn’t any time. Her head snapped back and her body was limp when I picked her up.” Both of them made it out of the harrowing situation okay. Our favorite part of the story, though, is when McGraw didn’t wait to receive thanks from the woozy Rittenberry — instead, he got on the train that could have run him down, and began his commute. “I was late for work,” he explained. New York!

Subway savior in leap of life [NYP]