New York Gays Are Rude to Harold Ford Jr.


Maybe because he’s a glutton for punishment, Harold Ford Jr. decided to go speak to the gay-advocacy group the Stonewall Democrats last night. The reception was less than welcoming, perhaps because, though he recently became a supporter of gay marriage, Ford not too long ago was one of only a few Democrats in Congress to vote for a Constitutional amendment banning it. Throughout his address and the Q&A session that followed, during which Ford admitted that his past positions were wrong, the audience heckled (“Anti-choice, anti-gay, snake-oil Harry go away!”) and held up signs (“Liar”). At the end of the session, the disruption became too much for Ford to offer closing remarks. In a startling moment, one activist even set off a confetti popper with a loud bang. Afterward, Ford was asked if he won over anyone in the room. “I’m not sure. If I decide to run I hope to come back,” he lied.

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