Obama’s Question Time With Senate Democrats, in Two Minutes


As we wrote earlier, President Obama engaged in his second televised “Question Time” in the past week earlier today. The audience was friendlier this time, naturally, since Obama was visiting with members of his own party. The Democratic senators who questioned Obama seemed to be chosen based on their level of electoral vulnerability — Arlen Specter, Michael Bennett, Blanche Lincoln, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Barbara Boxer, the first five to ask questions, are all somewhere between “screwed” and “ehhh, not great” — and were more intent on advocating for their constituents, and hopefully making their local news, than on picking a fight with Obama. But that doesn’t mean the whole thing was a waste of time. Our favorite part of this two-minute recap we’ve put together is when Obama mentions a joke about the GOP holding a 41-seat majority, and then stands there, serious as smallpox, as his Senate colleagues chuckle. Also, we learn that Evan Bayh wears sneakers with his suit.