Paterson: ‘Someone’ Is Out to Get Me


David Paterson appeared on Larry King Live tonight as part of his recent media tour in response to the widespread rumors surrounding the still-unpublished Times piece about him. The governor told King that he believes someone is "clearly after him."

Paterson remained adamant that none of these rumors or claims have been substantiated, calling the whole situation "Kafkaesque." When King asked who he thought was after him, Paterson said he declined to speculate, though it was clear he has some ideas, even if he's not sharing them:

"... I have thought about who might be after me, but for me to speculate about it would be as wrong as the speculations that were made about me. I can't prove it... Maybe those in the media might check their sources more. Maybe those in the media might investigate why the sources are saying what they're saying. Until that time I'm not going to commit the same act that has injured me."