Paterson: Times-Story Rumor Mill ‘Seems to Be Somewhat Orchestrated’


Governor Paterson had a nice chat with Don Imus this morning, and had the chance to defend himself from rumors about the upcoming Times story, and his critics in general:

The point I was making, for the last four months in the fifteen largest-populated states, only one governor’s poll numbers have consistently gone up and you’re looking at him. So the reality is that even when I start to gain support they keep writing that my poll numbers are down. As I said, I think the special interests and that relationship with some media outlets is creating the scenario that somehow I should not be reelected when in fact I have closed $33 billion of deficit in twenty months. I have made these payments to all the state’s creditors. I’ve made sure that the schools and the local governments have been funded, balanced budgets, kept the credit ratings strong. I’m black, I’m blind, and I’m still alive. Now how much better do they want me to be?