Ryan Phillippe and That Australian Girl Broke Up


Abbie Cornish broke up with Ryan Phillippe, who’s been gallivanting around town, flirting with people like supermodel Doutzen Kroes at the Calvin Klein party, and working the room at William Rast’s after-party. But Philippe claims he ended the relationship before Fashion Week, after Cornish left him to film a movie for seven months. Lindsay Lohan admits that she’d “masked [her] problems with alcohol, cocaine, and mind-altering substances,” and she hit “rock bottom” when her father started acting up, but now she’s replacing drugs with cigarettes and B12 shots, which she demanded be on hand at all times during her appearance at Harrah’s in Atlantic City.

Katy Perry claims Russell Brand leaves her “bedridden” most of the week. Producers for Ellen and The View are fighting for Oprah’s time slot, but The View’s in the lead because Joy Behar’s so hot right now. Bristol Palin landed a TV gig as a teen mother on ABC Family’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Why should Levi be getting all the fame? Jessica Simpson’s looking to replace her fated maltipoo, Daisy, tweeting, “I’m thinking about getting a pet pig. Does this mean I’ll have to give up pork?” An unamused PETA commented, “Pigs, who are smarter than dogs and every bit as sensitive to pain and stress, don’t belong in Jessica’s stomach or carted around as her latest accessory.” Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen’s wife, left the Canyon rehab center in Malibu because someone leaked her admission form to the media, and is now settled in an undisclosed private treatment facility in L.A. Lady Gaga wants a husband and a baby and a family, and once considered designer Matthew Williamson for the role, but “mixing work and love became too difficult.” Though it’s confirmed that Padma Lakshmi’s former beau, Teddy Forstmann, is not the father of her new baby, reports that Adam Dell (the younger brother of computer guru Michael Dell) is the father have not been denied. Mick Jagger and his girlfriend, L’Wren Scott, danced their way down the aisle at Fela!. The Miss Universes of 2008 and 2009 dined at Solo with their immigration lawyer.

In the midst of promoting Alice in Wonderland, Johnny Depp is advocating the release of three men convicted of murdering 8-year-old boys, claiming (along with Eddie Vedder, Winona Ryder, and the Dixie Chicks), that they were only convicted because they were devotees of heavy-metal music, Stephan King novels, and the occult. After firing Tom Cruise in 2006 for jumping on Oprah’s couch, Sumner Redstone brought him back to Paramount, celebrating his Mission: Impossible IV role over a Dover sole dinner with Katie Holmes. Senatar Schumer narrowly missed slamming his car door into scooter riders on the Upper West Side. Adam Brody and Tracy Morgan celebrated the release of their new comedy, Cop Out, while Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli escaped the Shutter Island hoopla by jetting off to Mexico. And the Jersey Shore backlash seems to have begun: This week, a student at James Madison University in Wisconsin told Snooki that she deserved her punch in the face.