Sally Quinn Banished to Web After Printing Family Gossip in Column


Not only did Washington Post editor Marcus Brauchli not like Sally Quinn’s defensive, weirdly obscure and personal column about dueling weddings in her family, he didn’t even see it before it was published. That’s what the Washington City Paper reports. Having given his editors, like the “Style” section’s newish Ned Martel, such long leashes, Brauchli sometimes is forced to read the paper in the morning and discover content he disapproves of — and in the case of Quinn’s recent column, content he would have killed before it ran. The City Paper couldn’t reach Martel for comment, but it appears his head is still firmly attached to his body for now. Quinn, however, faces something of a demotion. Her regular print column, “The Party,” will only appear online in the “On Faith” section of the site that she oversees. This is viewed as a notable demotion for the society hostess and wife of Ben Bradlee, the famous former executive editor of the paper and current vice-president of the Washington Post Company.

Brauchli Confirms Print Death of “The Party” by Sally Quinn [Washington City Paper]