Hairy, Practically Naked Sam Zell Gave a Talk About Real Estate at the Union League


Sam Zell, the adorably sharky Chicago billionaire who recently acquired several of New York developer Harry Macklowe’s buildings, showed up for a talk about “Real Estate Outlook 2010 and Beyond,” at the Union League last month wearing jeans, which aren’t allowed owing to club rules. To sneak him by, someone wrapped the diminutive billionaire in a camel-hair coat, as one might wrap a baby in a blanket. Unlike a baby, however, Zell soon threw off the garment to reveal a resplendent amount of chest hair. “The funny part was he had only the second button done on his shirt and the last button before it gets to the belt line,” an attendee tells the Observer, which reports: “The middle three buttons were not buttoned.” Which meant everyone “had an unsolicited and unparalleled view of Mr. Zell’s chest hair and the ‘nice gold chain’ entangled in it.’” So. Now we all know that.

What A Zell Party It Was [Daily Transom/NYO]