Schenectady Is Pissed at Stephen Colbert


In his sit-down with Harold Ford Jr. last week, Stephen Colbert quipped that, in addition to Staten Island, he would suggest making Schenectady “helicopter only.” In fact, Colbert continued, Ford should probably just “look at it on Google Maps.” Well! Schenectady, which Intel Dan knows intimately from his college days (some parts aren’t terrible), is just getting around to taking umbrage at the slight. Not seriously, though — Mayor Brian Stratton has invited Colbert to come see Schenectady for himself, and even offered him a key to the city. That’s the spirit! Although, if you’re trying to argue that your city isn’t a hellhole, awarding someone a key to the city just for being willing to visit might send the wrong message.

Schenectady invites Colbert for a visit [Capital 9 News]