Scott Brown Has Very Strong, Dexterous Fingers


There are several funny things in Frank Bruni’s New York Times Magazine profile of new Massachusetts senator Scott Brown. picked up on an anecdote about Brown wearing pink leather shorts on his first date with his wife. But by far, this story about Brown meeting up with a triumphant crowd of fans is the one that made us feel the most … funny:

But more striking than the crowd’s ardor was the way Brown handled it. Once near him, almost every person held up a digital camera and paused, perplexed by the challenge of simultaneously taking a picture and being in it. Brown, a lefty, used that hand to grab the camera and, without letting go of the Sharpie also in his clutch, extended his left arm, pulled the person close with his right arm, leaned back and snapped the shot of the two of them. He did this ad nauseam and never bobbled the camera, a feat that struck me as superhuman until [his former modeling agent] Maggie Trichon explained that Brown worked extensively as a hand model. He had to become expert at using his flawlessly maintained fingers to hold an electronic device or other object for as long as an hour.

Oh, Frank. The devil is in the details!

Where Scott Brown Is Coming From [NYTM]

Oh, Frank. The devil is in the details!

Where Scott Brown Is Coming From [NYTM]